Don’t just ‘design’. Think and plan your next Bathroom

If you want to really enjoy your new bathroom – and given it’s going to be with you for years, you’ll probably want to – then you need to spend time thinking through how it’s going to be used.

There are so many different types of bathrooms and so many ways of dealing with them. Whether it’s a simple design, with a standard bath, toilet and basin, or something more involved with a wet room or cloakroom, you want to make sure you get the best out of it for all who’ll use it.

Using your existing layout as a guide,  think about who will use the bathroom and how, and the sort of improvements you’d like to see.


  • If it’s a Family Bathroom, you’ll probably want to factor in lots of storage space for towels, toiletries etc.
  • How often do you use a bath? If used very rarely, you may wish to consider a standalone shower or perhaps introduce a ‘wet area’ instead of installing a bath you won’t use.
  • If space is at a premium, you may wish to install a bath with a shower over it?
  • Additional storage could be introduced with vanity units underneath the basin.
  • Do you want to use your bathroom to relax in? Consider getting a freestanding bath for a luxurious feel and having a niche nearby so you can keep everything you need to hand.
  • How about getting two basins to make getting ready in the morning less chaotic? This is great with young kids as they have their own space without getting in each others way!
  • If you use your bathroom to do your make-up or to dress in, then you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of light. Why not install a steam-free mirror with lighting or a cabinet with a charging socket for a toothbrush or razor?

Whatever thoughts you may have are critical in obtaining the best design for your bathroom. This will ensure you will get the most benefit from your new room.

If you need any help in designing an awkwardly shaped room or advice on the perfect furniture for it, we’re here to help.

Light in the dark. Very moving.

A perfect addition to today’s bathroom is an impressive technological innovation from Pelipal, the new LED motion sensor. This clever piece of kit is located under the vanity unit and casts a gentle light onto the floor when activated.

So when you’re stumbling from your slumber, there aren’t any switches to scrabble around for and no blinding light to wake you up; just a wash of subtle lighting that’ll turn itself off when you’re back in the land of nod.